Office Fitout Doors

Unlike the doors you might have in your home, office doors are often full height, from floor to ceiling.

Office doors come in a variety of heights, thickness and styles. The range of door furniture at Fitout Builders Melbourne is vast. Our style options include but are not limited to:

  • Fire doors
  • Sliding door systems
  • Lightweight doors
  • Solid core/semi solid acoustic doors
  • Double doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Aluminum framed glass doors
  • Frameless glazed doors

Below are some of the more popular door options for your new office fitout.

MDF Lightweight Office Doors

MDF lightweight office doors with a 4mm skin are cost-effective and a popular door choice for your office fitout.

Options and customizations available for MDF lightweight doors include:

  • Mechanical air grill to allow for air ventilation
  • Viewing panel
  • Door closer
  • Door furniture
  • Door seals
Glazed partition mdf office door

MDF doors can be painted a colour of your choice or matched with the colour of your existing doors.


  • Light weight and easy to hang
  • Moderate acoustic properties
  • Cheapest door option

Semi solid core Office Doors

Office doors are also available in a semi solid core door variety, which is slightly more expensive than the 4mm skin version but has better acoustic properties and is still relatively lightweight.

Like hybrids, they blend the advantages of MDF lightweight doors and solid core doors.


  • Light weight and easy to hang
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Affordable door option

Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors come with great acoustic benefits and an excellent fire rating because of their dense composition.

They are often used when security and privacy are necessary. However, installation time can be extensive because of the doors' heaviness.


  • Great acoustic properties
  • Long lasting
  • Suitable for exteriors
  • Good fire rating qualities

Glass Doors

Framed in aluminium, glass doors can be sliding or hinged. The aluminium frame can be power-coated or natural anodized while the glass can be frosted or left clear.

Glazed office doors deliver a modern, sleek feel to your office fitout. However, they are a more expensive option compared to MDF lightweight doors.

Teamed with plaster office partitions, glass doors ensure privacy while still allowing the flow of natural light into the workplace.

Glazed partition aluminium glazed door

Frameless Office Glass Doors

Used as an entrance door, a frameless door will give your office space that wow factor. It will deliver a superior look and feel to any area and is often seen in entrances, reception areas and boardrooms. The frameless office door is an expensive door option due to its toughened glass construction and costly door hardware and fittings.

Glazed Partition Frameless Office Door

Many office fitouts enjoy a combination of the above office door options. Our fitout builder consultants will advise you of the doors most suitable for your office fitouts and budget. Contact us today.