Office Fitout Partitions

Office partitions are a great solution for optimising the space and layout of your office.

There are a number of factors you need to consider before you decide on the type of office partitioning system that suits your business requirements. These are:

  • Level of privacy required
  • Acoustic needs
  • Fire-proofing needs
  • Security requirements
  • Type of business you are operating
  • Existing natural light
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Budget

Take a look at the variety of different office partitions Fitout Builders has to offer below.

Full Height Plaster Office Partitions

Also known as Metal Stud Drywall Partitions, plaster partitions are the most flexible. Available in thicknesses of 50mm, 64mm, 75mm, 92mm and 150mm, plaster partitioning systems have metal studs attached and are finished with aluminium (natural anodised or powder-coated), PVC or masonite skirting. They can be painted in the colour of your choice.

The benefit of metal stud construction is in its composition. You have the option of adding extra soundproofing between the plaster sheets and the benefit of concealing cabling and plumbing within the wall cavity. They are convenient in scenarios where you want to fix objects to a wall, such as shelving, screens, joinery or signage.

Our plaster partitions can be built to a height that suits your office design and fitout, even on half-height hob walls.

Fitout Builders has plaster partition walls to suit every office fitout. For wet areas we have water resistant plasterboard. For spaces that require optimal noise reduction we have thicker plasterboard or double-layered sheeting. And we have Fire Rated Plasterboard for those necessary fireproofing areas, and Impact Plasterboard for high impact areas.

Plaster partitions are often used in areas where superior hygiene is compulsory, such as in the kitchen and bathrooms. Fitout Builders recommends also installing plaster partitions to separate offices and meeting rooms with glass partitions placed at the front.

Plaster partition mdf door

Glass Office Partitions

Fitout Builders’ glass partition walls consist of glass panels secured together with silicone and an aluminium base and head track. The track’s thickness can be matched to the width of the plaster partitions to give an aesthetically seamless appeal.

Glass partitions allow for maximum natural light to enter your rooms and create the illusion of space in small offices. This provides the added benefit of reducing artificial lighting usage.

Office glass partitions can be frosted to create some privacy without feeling restricted, still allowing good light permeation.

Thicker glass can dampen noise and provide enhanced sound insulation.

Giving your offices an elegant and sleek appeal, glazed partitions are not only visually pleasing but make a good impression on both employees and clients.

They are commonly installed at the front of offices and meeting rooms. Ideal for workplaces that want to achieve the open office feel and enhance team synergy, glazed office partitions capitalise on the flow of natural light and provide acoustic privacy for management level staff.

Glazed partition aluminium glazed door

Part Plaster, Part Glass Office Partitions

The configuration for part plaster, part glass partitions is normally 1m plaster with an upper glass window. This allows privacy for staff but also welcomes abundant natural light into your office space.

Often used in warehouse settings where offices open into factory space, part plaster, part glass partitions are a good option when you want cables running in the lower plaster section.

Part plaster part glass partition mdf door

Operable Wall

Operable walls allow you to divide space with the use of a retractable overhead tract system made up of panels that fold or stack up against each other.

Also known as foldable walls or portable partitions, operable walls give you the flexibility of dividing a space or simply creating a larger space. They are custom made to suit your requirements and constructed from a range of materials including fabric, timber and glass with the option of door openings.

They are a more expensive partition option. However, operable walls have the added benefit of flexibility in the office space and are often used in training rooms, conference rooms, consulting rooms and meeting rooms.

Operable Wall Half Open

Demountable Partitions

Demountable partitions allow you to close off any area using an office partitioning system that is efficient, economical and easy to use. You simply dismantle the office partition, move it to your desired location and reinstall again with minimal disruptions to staff.

Fitout Builders’ office partitioning is available in full height solid, (vinyl cladding, plaster, fabric or laminate) full height glass or part solid, part glass.

A highly flexible solution, demountable partitioning makes it possible for your space to grow and change with your needs. It is perfect for creating spaces required only on a seasonal or short-term basis. They are easily pulled down and re-configured even when you relocate to a new premise.

Most office fitout solutions take advantage of a combination of the above office partitions. Different partition walls are suited to different office spaces.

Demountable Office Partition

One of our Fitout Builder consultants would be happy to discuss your office partitioning system needs and what best suits your new office fitout. Please contact us today.